Living With Diabetes

Canine Diabetes - Take care of your dog!

When your dog is suffering from canine diabetes, it becomes very necessary to reduce its intake of food. You have to check the amount of food the dog consumes on a daily basis. You have also to take a vigil of sugar intake by your dog routinely. It becomes very important to know how many times the dog is fed in a day in case the dog has canine diabetes.

The dog with canine diabetes needs smaller meals twice or thrice a day rather than a full big meal. These small meals help the dog to stabilize the levels of blood sugar while one large meal may have several drawbacks. It can raise the insulin level in the blood of the dog to the pinnacle which may result in the death of the dog. When the sugar level becomes low, the dog gets hypoglycemia which is a serious condition for the dog. It can also result in the death of the dog if not diagnosed in time.

In case of hypoglycemia, rub honey to the gums of the dog. This is a good solution and will work for the revival of its health. After this, go to the veterinary consultant for the treatment of the dog. The condition looks somewhat same as to low blood sugar human patients who carry a sugar cube or a chocolate in their pockets for an instant solution to counter the attack.

In case you want the safety of insulin levels of your dog, you need to give it the dog food that has low sugar content. Soft moist food is also not recommended. You should also not give the dry dog food to your canine dog since the food contains carbohydrates in excess. It is better to give your dog the homemade food. This way, you will know what food the dog is eating. Do not give the dog excess red meat like the beef and pork. Instead, the turkey and chicken may be given in moderate quantities. Make sure to remove the excess fat from the chicken before you serve it to your dog.