Living With Diabetes

Cinnamon And Diabetes

Cinnamon is one of the most known spices that help reduce blood sugar level. The intake of sufficient amount of cinnamon proves fruitful for both the patients of Type 2 and Borderline Diabetics. It is remedy that has helped people over the years. People prefer to consume appropriate amount of cinnamon. The reason being it has shown positive results over the years.

But, one must not forget that the results vary from individual to individual, as different people tend to have different resistance power.

Various studies have been conducted in the past to know about the importance of cinnamon. The researchers tried to find out whether there is any use of consuming this spice. But again, the results vary. Though it has been proved that if an individual consumes cinnamon no side effects will be noticed. It is one of the healthiest spices used in our food. So, its consumption does not have any bad effects on the health of an individual.

As far as diabetics are concerned they can consume cinnamon whether it proves beneficial or not.

Modern Perception

In the present era, the consumption of cinnamon, in controlling the disease, is not considered appropriate because various new methods, ways, and techniques have been introduced that help in attaining proper control over the disease. Doctors regard it as a part of impracticality as consuming any spice cannot serve the purpose of curing the disease when it has already been proven that diabetes is a non-curable disease. And, they opine this disease needs a good deal of attention as it gives rise to several other diseases.

So, if a person is relying only on cinnamon to get himself relieved of diabetes, he is living under the wrong notion, as it cannot prove fruitful to Type 1 Diabetes. But, as far as Type 2 Diabetes is concerned, and if it is diagnosed at the early stages, then a person can hope to gain little impetus over the disease though getting completely cured is a difficult task.


If one is consuming cinnamon, one must seek the advice of the doctor frequently as the dose may vary. The consumption of cinnamon should be normal as overdose may result in some complications. One should not stop using cinnamon immediately. It should be reduced slowly. The above stated points should be given due attention as far as the consumption of cinnamon is concerned in case of diabetics.