Living With Diabetes

Keep Your Diabetes Kit Ready!

People suffering from diabetes should always be prepared to deal with the problem. This is because you never know when your blood sugar levels may wreck havoc. Steps in - Diabetes monitoring kit! This kit will help you manage your problem irrespective of wherever you are. Here is a checklist of what you must include in your diabetes meter kit.

Glucose meter
You never know when the need of checking your blood sugar levels may arise. This is why you must include a glucose meter in your diabetes kit.

Extra battery
What if the battery of your glucose meter runs out even before you are able to check your blood sugar levels? Thus, it is always better that you keep a spare battery to be on the safer side.

Test strips
You must keep a couple of test strips handy. This is because some times, a test strip or two may go waste if you have problems monitoring your blood sugar levels. Thus, it is advised that you keep extra test strips in place.

Lancing device and lancets
Reusing a lancet is not advised. This is because a lancet once used does not remain sterile any more. Also, it becomes dull which could mean discomfort while measuring your blood sugar. So, make sure that you carry these too in a decent number.

Insulin shots should always be kept inside your diabetes meter kit. If the weather is warm, carry the insulin in an insulated bag so that it stays cool.

Some people take insulin shots by syringes. If you are one of them, then keep at least 3-4 syringes in your diabetes survival kit.

Keytone strips
Not many people prefer to keep these strips in their diabetes monitoring kit simply because of the fact that they are rarely used. But it is always good to keep a couple of them to be on the safer side. Go in for the foil wrapped variety as it lasts longer.

Glucagons emergency kit
Including this in your diabetes meter kit ma cost you a little extra but it is worth it for sure. Glucagons emergency kit proves to be helpful when the blood sugar levels of a person are so low that the person falls unconscious. You should never leave home without this one.

Fast acting glucose
Some times you may have an unexpected low sugar reaction. In such cases, fast acting glucose can be of great help. You can carry the tablets or gels of fast acting glucose as per your needs and convenience.

Health history
Just in case you are struck with a severe low blood sugar reaction or any other problem, a health history will be of great help. It will help the medical professionals at aid to know that you are suffering from diabetes.

Make sure that you carry your kit along wherever you go so that you are prepared to handle the problem at all times.