Living With Diabetes

Diabetes Management Amongst Seniors- The Challenges

As people get older, the risks of ailments grow. These ailments include high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain etc. Diabetes, especially has become one of the most common problems amongst senior people. Apart from some common challenges like inadequate insurance coverage, lack of social support, and other associated medical problems , there are five main challenges that diabetic seniors have to face:

Health care- The growing age may result in inadequate funds for health care and other requirements. The older diabetics may not be able to afford the expense of the doctors, nutritionists and other medical expenses. The private insurance is also very expensive. Though there are state programs available to availĀ  the medicare facility, you need to qualify for the programs.

Nutrition- The economic problems may also be the reason for other issues like improper nutrition etc. Seniors have fixed income and they try to cut costs to live as economically as possible. Hence, eating healthy may not be possible for them. There are senior citizen agencies and communities which provide nutritionally balanced meals and the doctor or nutritionist can be consulted for the low cost food programs and areas of availability. Diabetics have their limitations when it comes to eating but they are not always required to eat expensive food stuff.

Diagnosis- The diagnosis of diabetes is a difficult task and becomes even more difficult when the symptoms are more frequent with the increasing age. The older people may also not be able to notice the symptoms like frequent urination and chronic thirst which are the signs of diabetes. They may also be caught by blurred vision, cataract or other eye diseases. Fatigue and weakness are other perspectives in the same line.

Complication- Seniors are not able to trace the symptoms like frequent urination and unusual thirst. Hence, they might be unaware of the fact that they are suffering from diabetes. If diabetes is not diagnosed for a long span of time, it can lead to further complications. The other medical problems can be affected due to the diabetic complications which can become serious and life threatening. The complications may even become chronic like blindness, vascular diseases, heart diseases, kidney failure and alike.

Transportation- The older people are not able to drive, which is of great concern. They can not even take doctor's appointment on their own. If they have taken the appointment from doctor or nutritionist anyhow, they may find it difficult to reach them. They are not able to afford private conveyance and travelling in public transport is not that easy. The physical limitations of growing age compel them from availing these facilities.

Thus, seniors suffer from many issues and all the listed management challenges make the path even darker. With these issues in place, diagnosing and treating diabetes in seniors may turn out to be an even tougher option. They must be handled the right way and at the right time with right information and resources.