Living With Diabetes

FreeStyle Flash Glucometer - World's Smallest Glucometer

Diabetes is a disease that results due to rise in blood sugar level. The disease occurs due to faulty eating habits, lack of exercise, over weight and stress. It is possible to cure this disease by following a correct life style required for the body. It is essential to include lots of green vegetables and fruits in our diet to make the body strong from within. Drink lots of fluids to get the essential nutrients  in the body. Glucometer is a machine that checks the body glucose level effectively.

It is an effective instrument that can be carried easily by a person. The machine requires a small sample of blood and tests it in a glucometer. If their blood glucose level is too low, the patient can raise it by eating a small amount of sugar. The Free Style Flash Glucometer is one of the world's smallest glucometer in size. You can carry it any where in a small case. The instrument measures 3" in height and weighs only 1.4 ounces.

The benefits of glucometer include its smallest size with a fast 7-second average test time. It comes with a bright back lit display and test light which makes testing and reading possible in dim light. It comes with a four daily programmable alarms to remind your blood sugar test. The instrument is also less painful. It provides alternative testing sites which gives flexibility to routine tests.

The patient can use his fingertips, forearms, upper arms, thighs,and  calves hands for tests. The instrument can be used comfortably with ease.
The instrument is 3 inches in height and 1.4 ounces in weigh. The FreeStyle test strips also allow to take blood on the either side of the strip. The instrument comes with a free data cable offer inside the box. It also has a small lancet pen to insert the lancet. It also has the alternative testing cap which provides the ability to test elsewhere. The kit comes with a supply of strips, lancets and control solution that tests immediately.

The carrying case with glucometer is also small. It can be simply used to test your blood sugar on either side of the strip. You only require a small sample to test the sugar level properly. Some of the disadvantages of this instrument include placing each strip in the glucometer. Some of the machines like Accucheck Compact and the Ascensia Breeze, have their strips inside the machine. You also need to set a code with each new bottle of strips which is not the case with new glycometers. Overall the machine is good as it takes small amount of blood for testing.