Living With Diabetes

Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes in contrast to type 1 diabetes shows how the body becomes resistant to insulin. Type 2 diabetes patient still produces insulin, however the body doesn't respond to it, normally. Glucose is not able to enter the cells and do its job of providing energy. As a result, the blood sugar level rises making the pancreas produce even more insulin. Eventually, the pancreas wear out from working overtime to produce extra insulin. In the end, the pancreas become completely incapable of producing enough insulin to keep a person's blood sugar level under control.

People over the age of 40 are more vulnerable to suffer from type 2 diabetes. Now, overweight children and teens are also prone to suffer from type 2 diabetes. You can use diet, exercise, and medicines that improve the body's response to insulin to control your blood sugar levels. You may require to take insulin injections or insulin pumps sometimes.

A person suffering from type 2 diabetes may need to take good care of himself by adopting the following things:

1) Always have a healthy diet to help achieve a normal body weight while getting the nutrients needed to grow and develop. Low-salt or low-fat diet are very good especially if the child has conditions such as high blood pressure or abnormal blood fat levels.

2) Participate regularly in physical activities. It will help in increasing the body's response to insulin. You can burn more calories, which can promote the loss of excess body fat.

3) Always try to maintain a normal body weight.

4) You should monitor blood sugar levels regularly.

5) You should work closely with your doctors and diabetes health care team to help achieve the best possible control over your type 2 diabetes.

People living with type 2 diabetes, if follow the above tips, can easily keep their ailment under control. Suffering from type 2 diabetes may seem overwhelming at times, but you're not alone. Majority of people suffering from one or another kind of diabetes are affected by this particular type. Diabetes is a disease that once diagnosed can not be cured completely. So, proper management of type 2 diabetes requires that you follow the guidelines of your doctor religiously.