Living With Diabetes

Tips For Diabetes Care

Taking care of a diabetic, whether it is you yourself or it is somebody else is not a child's play but it is not that difficult either. But, how do you manage this care regime when you are away from home or out on a vacation? Below is a short list of certain tips for the above different occasions:

When you are on a vacation, you can make it more memorable one by following these simple tips:

1) Remember everywhere you go, there is food. So, follow the thumb rule- 'everything in moderation'.

2) Try something new involving physical activity which you have never done before.

3) Fill your plate with healthy things. You can never be short of fruits and vegetables anywhere.

4) Remember, alcohol does have calories and can even interfere with your medications.

5) If you are on insulin, do not fall for temptation.

6) Realize that you are a human and proceed accordingly when confronted with holiday delights.

If you follow half of the above tips, you can enjoy your holiday without any complications. To deal with your child's diabetes when both of you are away from home, take the following tips:

A) You should take plenty of supplies with you like insulin, syringes, meter and other supplies. Pack some extra than what you think would be enough for your child.

B) If going on a long car or plane trip, do not forget to stock a backpack with a variety of healthy snacks.

C) You should talk with your physician if you are going on a cross-country plane trip. It will help you to make your child adapt with time zone changes.

D) In an unfamiliar place, it is always better that your child wears the medical ID.

C) When you are away from home, monitor your child's blood sugar frequently. It will help you take you quick decisions.

For many, Halloween brings memories of witches, ghosts and goblins, not to mention cakes, candies, treats and parties. However, for families living with diabetes, the scenario is totally different. The following tips will help you enjoy the true spirits of Halloween with elan:

A) Children with diabetes can have treats. But remember the golden rule, moderation in connection to food rich in carbohydrate is the key.

B) If your child wants to eat candy, remember to check carbohydrate in their meal plan, check their blood glucose level. Plan some physical activity to counter blood glucose level and then let him enjoy.

C) It is always better to substitute candy with some other food lower in carbohydrate.

Remember one thing, diabetes is such a disease which you can cure for good. You can only keep it under control. And the above tips will help you in achieving the above goal on different occasions. So, don't miss them out!