Diabetes Basics

Beware If Diabetes Symptoms Follow You...

One good thing about diabetes is that it does not attack surprisingly! It gives you sufficient warnings. It does not overpower a disciplined individual. It gives immense respect to those who exercise regularly and are the lovers of morning walks!

Many of the patients of diabetes are the patients for the simple reason that they did not possess adequate knowledge about this disease, at the right age. Who are its main targets? If you have crossed sixty and have given up the habit of exercise, you are a strong candidate for diabetes. An overweight person, a glutton, a person who lives to eat and that unfortunate individual to whom diabetes is the ancient heritage-- sorry to say, but what can be done about such people?

Please do not think that it is the ailment of old and obese individuals. An overweight baby, say 9 to 10 pounds at birth has a high risk of diabetes!

Regular medical check-ups could be one of the preventive measures to check diabetes. Some of the symptoms of diabetes are listed below:

1) Blurred vision
2) Restlessness and general irritability
3) Weight loss
4) Extreme fatigue
5) Extreme thirst and hunger
6) Frequent urination

It is better not to ignore any or all of the above symptoms and contact your doctor immediately for the relevant tests.

The slightest inclination of your system towards diabetes must be checked with the utmost concern that it demands and deserves. The danger is for you- none else and the days of intense suffering are ahead, unless you alert yourself. If you are overweight, have a well-drafted weight loss program, bring discipline in your diet, select and do yoga exercises appropriate for your body. Plus, give up tobacco and alcohol without any second thought. Mind you, you are not yet a confirmed diabetes patient.

There are prescribed tests to judge, whether you have diabetes or not. The treatment for diabetes is well known. One being the insulin injections (the level is prescribed by doctor). Apart from this, you have an intelligent role to play to assist your body to stabilize itself.

Schedule your diet and your physical exercise again-- this advice and caution is worth repeating again and again!