Diabetes Basics

Breast-Feeding May Help Babies and Women against Diabetes

There are numerous benefits of breastfeeding. Another benefit that has recently come into focus is that breastfeeding may protect both the mother and the infant from diabetes.

Studies have been carried out to examine the benefits that breastfeeding provides to both mother and child.  It was observed that women were protected from diabetes for as long as they were breastfeeding their children.  In fact, for each year that a woman breastfed her child, her risk of developing type 2 diabetes reduced by as much as 15%.

Surprisingly enough, each year of exclusive breastfeeding an infant brought about a much higher reduction in the risk compared to a year when the infant was both breastfed and provided supplemental bottle feed.

That is just one side of the picture. We are aware of the numerous benefits that breast milk provides to children. It is a universally acknowledged fact both in folklore and in modern medicine, that mother’s milk is best for a child. Breast milk provides infants with immunity against a large number of diseases.

 A child that is exclusively breastfed during its weaning has a much lower chance of developing type 1 diabetes if it is genetically prone to the disease.

Another important study observes that the incidence of type 1 diabetes has a high degree of correlation between the amounts of cow’s milk consumed per head of population. This shows that the incidence of diabetes can be controlled by reducing the amount of cow milk.

As per the same study, pasteurized cow milk may be more responsible for the incidence of diabetes than unpasteurized milk.

This sends a very strong message about the benefits of breastfeeding an infant in general and in particular to the fact that breast milk reduces chances of infants developing diabetes.