Diabetes Basics

Consequences Of Untreated Diabetes

If you don't treat your diabetes well, the blood sugar level is likely to soar, causing a host of problems. Uncontrolled blood sugar level gives way to stroke that might even result in death. If you don't cure your blood sugar, it may also prove fatal for your existence. Similarly, if gestational diabetes is not cured, it might lead to complications. Diabetic retinopathy and nephfropathy may even cost life of the patient. Chronic dental diseases are also the outcome of untreated diabetes.

In case of untreated type 2 diabetes, non-proliferating and proliferating retinopathy develops which might result in blindness.

Untreated diabetes gives way to kidney failure in type 1 diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular disorders leading to heart failure are also a probability, if diabetes cure is not implemented.

It may even result in severe damage to nerve cells resulting in sexual and kidney dysfunction. If nerves don't function well, all involuntary functions are likely to get affected. Foot problems, including amputations are another outcome. Foot losses it's senses and scars and damage to feet remain unnoticed. Blood circulation too gets affected. To sum up, not treating diabetes is similar to inviting death.

People must be given diabetes education and diabetes care tips so that they remain aware of dangerous consequences. Government must disseminate diabetes information to compel diabetics to undertake proper treatment. Remember, getting maximum diabetes information is the key to diabetes testing and diabetes management.