Diabetes Basics

Diabetes And Smoking Is A Dangerous Combination

Diabetes and smoking are two conditions that can be extremely harmful to your health. Diabetes as well as smoking causes numerous health risks some of which can be as fatal as a heart stroke. When diabetes and smoking come together, they make a truly lethal combination.

There are numerous risks associated with smoking. One of them is the increased risk of a heart stroke. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available to your body and makes you more susceptible to a heart attack. Diabetes too increases your chances of a heart stroke. So, if you are a diabetic and you still smoke, expect to have a heart stroke any given day.

It is a known fact that smoking causes an increase in cholesterol levels. This increases the possibility of a heart attack. If you are suffering from diabetes, you already have the chances of a heart attack. Thus, you only double your chances of a heart attack if you are diabetic and a smoker too.

Diabetics usually suffer from open wounds on the feet and foot ulcers. Foot health is of great importance to diabetics. But smoking can make your foot health worse. The reason for the same is that smoking constricts blood vessels and makes your foot ulcers even worse. This can in turn take the shape of serious infections.

Smoking as it is damages your nerves hampering their ability to transport various fluids in the body. The nerve damage caused is even more if you are a diabetic. Further on, smoking also increases the risk of kidney disease which is an even more harmful condition for diabetics. Owing to kidney disease, your body will not be able to process the consumed sugar effectively leading to a hike in blood sugar levels.

A person suffering from diabetics constantly tries to lower his blood sugar levels. Smoking, on the contrary raises the blood sugar levels. This means that the already high blood sugar levels are further increased, which can mean a risky situation. Even medications cannot reverse these effects of smoking and bring your sugar levels back to normal.

When you are suffering from diabetes you are at a risk of losing your mobility of various joints. This risk is further increased if you smoke. So, smoking in diabetes can only make matters worse for your joints.

Diabetes and smoking are both risky situations and by putting the two together you only end up doubling your health risks. While you cannot instantly get rid of diabetes, you can always give up smoking in case you want to keep fit. So, if you are a diabetic make sure that you give away that cigarette forever.