Diabetes Basics

Diabetes Care: Further Complications Associated With Diabetes

Diabetes is considered as a mother of host of maladies. So a diabetic should take extreme care while he is undergoing treatment and even afterwards. Once you develop diabetes, you are likely to remain affected with it for the rest of the life. So you need to be extremely careful and attentive towards prevention of complications that most of the times develop without you noticing it.

If you are diabetic and want to prolong your life, you need to be much conscious in your quest to keep blood sugar levels under control. That's the key to your safety from complication that would prove disastrous for your health.

Your little negligence would add to your misery. A diabetic is also needed to know in detail about expected complications, so that he/she could check or prevent these diseases on right time.

From your eyes to kidney, most of your body organs become vulnerable to diseases once diabetes afflicts you. Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney dysfunction that may even result in kidney failure that is quite common among patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Similarly your eye's retina could be affected due to diabetes. The disease is called as diabetic retinopathy.

If you are diabetic you are very much prone to attain increased level of bad cholesterol that in turn may result in coronary artery disease. In fact a good number of diabetics every year die of cardiovascular complications. In order to prevent these complications, a diabetic must stick to the dietary restrictions. If you are diabetic, a little control over unhealthy food cravings could save your life.

High blood pressure is one such complication with which a diabetic often get afflicted. So, sometimes diabetics are needed to compliment their main medications with blood pressure medications.

A diabetic may also suffer from nerve damage. This malady is better known as diabetic neuropathy. The disease mainly damages peripheral nerves. In certain cases diabetics have been also found developing sexual impotency.

So, there could be n-number of complications that a diabetic could suffer from. Prevention from complications lies in effective diabetes control through medications and dietary measures.