Diabetes Basics

Diabetes Health Risks

Diabetes is the disorder of the body in which the body stops producing enough insulin required to regulate the breakdown of the blood sugar in the human body. Insulin helps in the breakdown of complex sugars into glucose which can be readily absorbed by the cells of the human body for energy generation. For more information on "diabetes health risks", read Risk Factors For Type 1 Diabetes

The risk factors for developing type 1 diabetes include:

a) Born to an older mother
b) Born to a mother with preeclampsia during pregnancy
c) Early introduction of formula to infants

Obesity and metabolic syndrome are major diabetes health risks for type 2 diabetes symptoms. They should follow a proper diet plan and need to pay attention to exercise, as exercise helps our body in using insulin in a better way to convert glucose into energy. Those with type 1 diabetes and some of the people with diabetes type 2, need to take insulin injections. People with diabetes type 2 take pills which help their body to produce more insulin and use it. Some people with type 2 diabetes diet can manage their disease with exercise and weight loss alone and don't need any diabetes medicines.

People with diabetes have a higher chance of developing certain serious health problems, including stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, nerve damage, circulation problems and damage to the kidneys and eyes hence diabetes management is crucial. The risk is particularly high for people with diabetes who are also very overweight, who smoke or who are not physically active.

You will greatly reduce your risk of developing any of these complications by controlling your blood glucose and blood pressure levels, and by eating healthy food and doing regular physical activity. Obesity is closely linked with diabetes. The link between obesity and diabetes is very strong (97 percent of cases of diabetes Type 2 are caused due to excessive weight).