Diabetes Basics

Diabetes Is Solely Responsible For Hair Loss

Diabetes is a disease which is directly linked with hair loss resulting from hormone imbalance. It is one of the early symptoms of diabetes. The disease requires proper treatment to avoid further complications and side effects.

For the loss of hair, stress is another factor that causes it. When the body cannot metabolize carbohydrates properly, it causes diabetes and leads to several skin ailments. Bruises and wounds take longer time to heal in the body. As a result, the recovery rate becomes slow and obstructs the further growth of hair. This causes visible hair reduction. Diabetics are unable to maintain a normal re growth cycle as they become prone to early infection. Bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp can also cause hair loss. The disease increases anxiety which ultimately promotes hair loss. That is why there is a direct relation between diabetes and hair loss.

Studies show that a healthy person loses around fifty to hundred strands per day. If hair loss increases more than the usual, then you must seek doctor’s help. He can check the problem thoroughly and make his conclusion accordingly. If the diabetes are not treated in time, it can further promote hair loss. Diabetic patients must take proper care of their health to avoid any complications. It is essential to exercise regularly to increase blood circulation in the body.

A diabetic person also suffers from autoimmune problem. In such a situation, small bald patches are formed on the scalp. This ailment is known as alopecia area. Medical stress and side effects of different medicines may be another factor for hair loss. It normally depends on the individual’s health to respond to various medications and sometimes they have an adverse effect on his health and hair.

The diabetes may also affect a person’s health by dysfunctional thyroid gland, skin rash vitiligo and pernicious anemia. Type second diabetes is usually caused by hormonal imbalance which leads to polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition is related to insulin resistance which reduces the ability of cells to react on insulin. It is essential to detect diabetes at an early stage so that recovery from hair loss can be possible early. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are blurred vision, frequent urination, acute hunger, increased thirst, unusual weight loss, fatigue and unnecessary irritation.

To check the diabetes, monitoring the blood sugar level from time to time is essential, failing which the complications lead to damage of blood vessels and nerves, loss of functioning of the kidneys, loss of sensation, heart disease and strokes.

It is better to seek doctor’s advice in severe condition who can guide about the required precautions. The doctor prescribes different lotions and oils to provide relief to the patient. Balanced diet is also very important and the patient must include lots of green vegetables and fruits to make his diet balanced in every form. It is advisable to drink sugar free juices to detoxify the body. Drinking lots of water can also help to keep the system clean.