Diabetes Basics

Diabetes May Be Genetic, But needn’t to be desperate!

A lot of studies show that one in three Americans is prone to diabetes. And it has also proven that diabetes is genetic. However, it is not a big deal these days given the several new scientific treatments in place. People are just shell-shocked to hear this news of disease and they need the help desperately. However, even if you come to know that diabetes runs in your family, have courage and fight it vigorously.

As for the inheritance of diabetes, you only inherit a susceptibility to type second diabetes. When it comes to gender, scientific studies have also revealed that diabetes ratio is more in women than men.

There are many risk factors involved in the development of genetic diabetes.
The common risk factor of getting diabetes is the family history of the patient. The other risk factors that add to diabetes are fat storage on the belly, high triglycerides, low HDL[good] cholesterol, blood sugar above 230 within minutes after meal, instant blood sugar shoot above 110, excess hair on the chest of woman [which is not the general case] and diabetes at the time of pregnancy.
They are all warning signs of the potential diabetes.

In case the person comes across these signs, he should instantly change his lifestyle as this will help prevent diabetes. The temptation for foods that are not recommended for diabetic patient should never come into the picture. The person has to avoid carbohydrates like rice and milled corn. In addition, all drinks that contain sugar flavors should be avoided. Exercise on regular basis is most deterrent to the diabetes. In order to contain, the person should lose weight if he/she is already overweight and should maintain a controlled weight throughout his/ her life. All these precautions will reduce the diabetes to large extent. Even if the diabetes is genetic, you are in the low risk zone and a healthy life style may help you a lot in controlling the diabetes.

Studies have also revealed that if a person is diagnosed with diabetes at 40, he will die 12 yrs before than the normal person who doesn’t have the disease. Remember— change in the life style is best solution to contain diabetes.