Diabetes Basics

Foot Pain may be insufferable in Diabetes!

When the diabetes sufferers confront with the disease, they also suffer with a lot of side effects. There may be various reasons for foot pain and among them, due to diabetes is both common and painful. It is one of the side effects of diabetes which must be taken seriously.
Foot pain may be categorized in four types. It includes nerve problem where the nerves themselves are affected by the disease. It is also called as peripheral neuropathy which is a common foot pain during diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy comes in the form of sensory, motor, and autonomic neuropathy.

Sensory neuropathy is one of the most common symptoms where the person feels great pain in the feet. The feet become sensitive and the pain triggers by just touching, or lightly pulling up the socks. Along with this, you can also experience some numbness along with tingling, burning, or stabbing experience in the feet. This usually takes place due to rise in the blood sugar level which needs to be monitored in time.

To get the relief from pain, it is very important to do away with it through massaging the feet. It can be done by using a foot roller underneath it. You can also try good quality shoes having cushioned support in it.  It lessens the pressure of daily activities on the feet. Doctor can even prescribe an effective medication to relieve the pain.

Nerves to the muscles become weaker once affected by diabetes. Muscles start aching and make it difficult to walk. It also affects the balance while walking and causes alignment problems. This increases rubbing on the feet by promoting pain.

To deal with motor neuropathy, the support, exercise, stretching, and massage are the best ways to control against it. To avoid any problem, keep your muscles healthy and flexible and this can be done by consuming balanced diet and regular exercise. Autonomic neuropathy affects the nerves of the feet which you don’t consciously control. People suffering from diabetes also suffer from dry or cracked skin. Since feet are made up of foot calluses, thickened nails cause lot of foot pain. To prevent this, you can use conditioning agents made especially for diabetes.

To have a smooth circulation in their feet, a diabetic patient must have some exercises for their feet. Without circulation the feet can cause severe pain. To cure this problem, the doctor might recommend an exercise program which may include physical therapy, medication, or even surgical procedures. For the above treatments, consult a good doctor who is well qualified and expert in this field.

If still the tendons and joints stiffen, then the imbalances associated with peripheral neuropathy and walking alignment remains. This causes severe pain in the feet and the joints which may further lead  to disorders such as corns, bunions, and hammertoe.

People suffering from diabetes also suffer from severe infections.  If a bacterial infection attacks the    feet becomes red and experience swelling. They become warm and painful. Bacterial infection also makes the immune system weaker. The body can be made healthy by controlling the blood sugar level, proper nutrition, and timely exercise.

 It is best to consult a good physician who can ensure good treatment and proper information to the patient. Balanced diet is also very important for the patient and he must consume lots of green vegetables and fruits in his diet to maintain energy in the body.