Diabetes Basics

Get Your Blood Sugar Levels Tested To Monitor Diabetes!

Researches on diabetes suggest that there are 16 million Americans suffering from diabetes at present which is quite an alarming figure. However, it is an irony of disease that often people with diabetes show no symptoms and it simply creeps into your body while you are least expecting it.

However, new scientific treatment has simplified the things and it is easy to detect diabetes lately. In the process, blood test is the first step to establish the diabetes. It is done to determine the blood sugar level in the body. The test is carried out in two phases.

The first type of blood test is carried out on the patient after he arrives without having anything in the breakfast. In this test, the patient cannot even have a cup of morning tea or coffee. If the result shows blood sugar level of 126 milligrams per deciliter or higher on two different occasions after fasting, then the person is sure to have diabetes.

The second type of blood test is somewhat different and it is done after the patient has breakfast or a cup of coffee or tea. In this case, the blood sugar level should not go beyond 200 milligrams per deciliter. If the sugar level crosses this mark, then the person is detected with high level of diabetes. At some occasions, the patient is provided with seventy five gram glucose solution to drink. After this, the blood sugar level is monitored. In this case, measurement of ketones is also done. Ketones are products which are produced after the breakdown of fats in the body.  

After the successful completion of the tests, the treatment begins. The treatment involves physical and emotional aspects of the patient. One should know that diabetes is not only a disease of the body, it is the disease that affects one’s emotions and sentiments. The healthy mind can tackle diabetes in a much better way.