Diabetes Basics

Glucose Meters

Every day when a child goes to school, he or she carries a bag. Similarly, when you step out in the rain, an umbrella or a rain-coat is a must. Much on the same lines, when you have diabetes, carry a glucose meter along. There is no escape from the fact that once you are diagnosed with diabetes, the ailment has come to stay. It's just a matter of maintenance now. You need to know the blood sugar level every day, and sometimes on more than one occasions. When you visit the family doctor, your day to day records help him take a proper decision regarding your health conditions and future medication. If there are more then one patients at your home, the question is not whether you require a glucose meter or not. It is very much a necessity.

The case is all the more strong to buy the glucose meter, because nowadays, the medical insurance companies are willing to bear a part of the cost. They too, consider it a necessary equipment for the treatment of diabetes.

The accuracy is the most important aspect in these instruments. On the basis of its readings, you could pattern your lifestyle. The readings will give a fair indication as to which type of food is suitable for you and which is not for maintaining optimum level of glucose in the blood.

Besides, the glucose meter also saves your precious time- the journey time plus the time spent in the doctor's chamber when you approach him for testing your glucose level. This, of course, is in addition to the payments made at the doctor and the commutation expenses.

Before the advent of the glucose meters, regular blood tests were the only options to check the blood sugar level. The rapid advances in the blood-testing methods have made the task simple and you can check your sugar levels any time at any place. Medical stores sell these self-test kits. They contain test strips and blood glucose meters. Put a drop of blood on the strip and place the strip in the glucose meter. You will get the calculations within minutes.

With the advancement of electronic technology, now you get glucose meters with built-in memory, which enables you to monitor and compare the sugar levels over a period of time. It needs to be emphasized that one must be careful about the extent of accuracy when one buys a glucose meter, for if the reading is inaccurate, the whole exercise is futile!