Diabetes Basics

How to Control Diabetes?

With prior knowledge and little extra attention towards the disease, high blood sugar (or diabetes) can be easily controlled. If an individual gets himself acquainted with the steps mentioned below, one can easily control diabetes.

Following are the seven steps to keep a check and control on high blood sugar or diabetes.

Prior knowledge about the disease:
It is the first step that should be given due attention. One must have some knowledge about the disease or s/he must acquaint himself/herself with the disease by consulting any doctor. Then only he or she can work on the disease and take necessary measures to control the disease. One must be able to distinguish whether he or she has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and that can be possible only by consulting a doctor.

Regular check up is a must:
Once it is diagnosed that an individual is suffering from diabetes, it becomes very necessary for him to go for regular medical check ups. Visit to a doctor should not be ignored, as it will only increase the problems at the later stages.

Proper control:
There should be no negligence on the part of the patient as far as eating habits are concerned. One must consume the right kind of food so that it proves fruitful for the health of an individual. The person must have enough patience and must know the art of controlling. He or she must quit all the bad habits such as smoking, drinking or consuming drugs. So, to exercise complete control over the disease, one must first practice the art of control over himself or herself.

Proper care:
An individual must take proper care, if he or she is suffering from diabetes. He or she must take good care of his or her well being by keeping a constant control over the blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol level.

Keeping a track of the disease:
Another important step, which is essential to keep a control over the disease, is to maintain a good track of it. It will further help the affected person to reduce the chances of physical ailments such as loss of sight and kidney, feet or leg related problem.

Prevention of the disease:
Though diabetes is quite a complex disease, it can be prevented by taking several measures such as consulting a doctor frequently, taking the medicines on time and regular exercising. These measures must be taken seriously to avoid any further complications.

Proper Treatment:
The last and the most important step essential to control diabetes is to ensure that an individual is given proper treatment. Periodically tests should be done to check the present status of the disease.

The above stated steps, if taken properly, can help a lot to have a complete control over the disease.