Diabetes Basics

How To Know If It Is Diabetes

Diabetes most of the time goes undiagnosed because of its seemingly harmless symptoms. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all. But the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chances of developing the complications of diabetes. Basically, there are three major types of diabetes.

1) ype 1 diabetes
2) Type 2 diabetes
3) Gestational diabetes

Each type of diabetes has its own kind of signs and symptoms. Here are some general or most common sign and symptoms of diabetes:

a) Frequent urination
b) Excessive thirst
c) Irritability
d) Blurred vision
e) Extreme unexplained fatigue
f) Weight loss
g) Increased hunger
h) Frequent skin, bladder or gum infections
i) Irritability
j) Tingling or numbness in hands or feet
k) Slow healing of wounds

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes, symptoms of type 2 diabetes and symptoms of gestational diabetes are not poles apart from one another. There exists some sort of similarity among all of them. Therefore, keep a check!