Diabetes Basics

New Treatment For Retinopathy

Diabetes results in complications. Retinopathy is one such complication arising out of lenient diabetes care or lack of diabetes education. It could be best avoided with proper diabetes management. Along with laser treatment, new treatments are on the way for retinopathy cure. To know more about treatments, read new treatment retinopathy.

Diabetes retinopathy is result of the damage done to blood vessels of retina. In severe cases, it may even lead to blindness. It is of two types, proliferative and non proliferative retinopathy. It could be avoided by proper diabetic cure. But, once developed, it is treated usually by laser therapy. In some cases, surgery is performed.

But, researches are on to find out new modes of treatment. Recently, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary has claimed to have produced a new medicine for retinopathy of early stage. Presently, we don't have medicines in the market to cure early stage of retinopathy. An enzyme called protein kinase C is hyperactive in diabetics and is considered to be the main cause of retinopathy. New medicine at infirmary aims at inhibiting the function of this enzyme.

Australian professor, Rakoczy and her team is working hard to introduce successful gene therapies for retinopathy cure. Researchers at her lab aim at identifying new agents from retina that resist the disease. If this research proves successful, retinopathy would be cured with barely one or two injections. Retinopathy usually develops in case of type 2 diabetes.