Diabetes Basics

You Are Pregnant Do Away With Diabetes

Diabetes of any kind holds negative implications as far as pregnancy is concerned. Moreover, a special kind of diabetes mellitus only occurs when a woman is pregnant, it is known as gestational diabetes. Women having a diabetic background should take extreme precautions to keep themselves away from gestational diabetes. Although this genre of diabetes could be controlled with the help of proper diet and suggested exercises, sometimes patient may end up taking insulin.

Gestational diabetes may go away after child birth but it further aggravates the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Almost 50 % patients of this disease fall prey to type 2 disease in later stage of their life. Extra large babies are a result of uncontrolled gestational diabetes. Ceaserian section is quite common among mothers with gestational diabetes due to large size of their babies.

Woman with history of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes may also create complications such as birth defects for their to be born baby. Moreover, a diabetic woman is also susceptible to diseases like blood pressure abnormalities, vascular diseases, kidney and nerve damages and alike. Blood pressure abnormality, especially high BP often result in early delivery and also brain damage in certain cases. Early delivery or pre- term birth gives way to heart, breathing and intestinal complications in babies. A miscarriage is also a probability with diabetic woman negligent towards their sugar level.

It's not necessary that a diabetic woman would give birth to a diabetic baby, but she must try to control her disease during pregnancy. Otherwise, there are chances that the baby may develop low level of blood sugar. Large babies born as an outcome of gestational diabetes are prone to becoming obese. In later stage of their life they are susceptible to suffer from Type 2 diabetes as well.

So, to keep yourself and your baby safe you must plan your pregnancy. Keep in touch with doctors and take prenatal vitamins. Healthy woman must shed some pounds before conceiving a baby. A regular exercise plan should be adopted right before getting pregnant. Constant monitoring of blood sugar level is must. If required, timely intake of insulin should also be followed. Being in touch with your doctor is the best way to minimize your problems.