Diabetes Basics

Say No To Sugar

If you are a diabetic, you are advised not to take any sugar. Most often, you end up getting irritated over this restriction. But, the fact is that you can't really afford to live with sugar intake if you are a diabetic.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is usually a result of insulin resistance of liver and fat cells. It results in increased blood glucose level. In case of type 1 diabetes, the insulin secretion stops, giving way to surge in blood glucose level. Since, diabetes problem arises mainly due to increased blood sugar level, taking sugar would further increase the blood sugar level and aggravate the problem. It may result in dangerous consequences such as hypertension and kidney dysfunction.

In case of insufficient secretion of insulin, the level of blood glucose already remains high. If we take sugar frequently it is likely to aggravate the situation further. That's why the patient is advised to take the food which has bare minimum sugar.

It is just because of reducing sugar intake that low carbohydrate foods are advised to diabetics. If sugar intake is not checked it may strengthen possibility of post disease complication. It also contributes to excessive cholesterol deposition.

Despite being convinced that sugar is harmful, sometimes you can't resist your urge for sugar. In that case you may consume artificial sweeteners to pacify your urge.