Diabetes Basics

Top Diabetes Myths

Do you think that you know it all about diabetes? Well, in case you are fostering any of the following diabetes myths then the answer could be NO.

MYTH: I have marginal diabetes.
FACT: There is no such thing as marginal/borderline diabetes. Either you have the problem or you don't. If your blood sugar readings are more than 126 mg/DL twice consecutively, then you are diabetic.

MYTH: I cannot get diabetes because I don't eat sweets.
FACT: Diabetes is not just caused due to sweets alone. Almost everything that you eat is processed into sugar by the body. In fact, the quantity of food matters more than what you are eating. If you are eating way too much then you are bound to put on weight, which is a risk factor for diabetes.

MYTH: I need to avoid carbohydrates because I have diabetes.
FACT: Carbohydrates increase the blood sugar levels irrespective of whether you are a diabetic or not. However, completely shunning carbs from your diet will not help. This is because carbs are a major source of energy and are needed to keep the body going.

MYTH: I need insulin because my diabetes is really bad.
FACT: Insulin is not used only if your blood sugar levels are extremely high. If diet control and other lifestyle changes are unable to control your blood sugar levels, you may not need insulin at all.

MYTH: I do not want to go on insulin as it can complicate my diabetes further.
FACT: Insulin is not as bad as it is made to be. It is a normal hormone and one of the safest medications to deal with the problem of high blood sugar.

MYTH: I don't need to be bothered about diabetes because I feel just fine.
FACT: Diabetes does not have any significant symptoms. Till the time your blood sugar levels are extremely high, you may not even feel anything. But, even when you don't feel anything, your body is still at the risk of developing several complications.

MYTH: I need insulin because I suffer from Type 1 diabetes.
FACT: Insulin is used to treat both- type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes.

MYTH: I can judge my blood glucose level by how I am feeling.
FACT: You may be feeling just fine even when your blood sugar levels are high. So, measure your blood sugar and do not just rely on your instinct.

MYTH: I can avoid diabetes medications if I follow a healthy lifestyle.
FACT: Even if you are following a healthy diet and regular exercise, you still may need appropriate medications. However, a healthy lifestyle can help maintain your blood sugar levels to a great extent.

MYTH: I will gain weight if I use insulin.
FACT: Using insulin does not contribute to weight gain. Though, you may find it a little more difficult to lose weight when using insulin.

Debunk these diabetes myths and you will be able to know all that is right, about the problem.