Diabetes Basics

Understanding Your Child's Mental State During Diabetes

Being “part of the crowd” may be a big deal for your child. With diabetes, that is going to be a bit difficult to accomplish. He/she may feel embarrassed having to check his blood glucose levels every so often or getting insulin shots while in school. The medication is necessary so you cannot forego it. But one way for you to lessen your child’s embarrassment over these things is to encourage him/her to tell his/her close friends about her condition.

Don’t make diabetes a secret. Instead, you can even encourage your child’s friends to learn a few steps in overcoming conditions like hypoglycemia which your child may suffer while in school. They can learn how to recognize the signs and what they can do to help. Take note that this is also another way to help your child build lasting friendships.

Diabetes is a serious problem that affects not only the health of your child but also his emotional, physical, and social well-being. Children with diabetes need all the support they can get, even if there will come a time when they become uncooperative or refuse to monitor their blood sugar. If you feel that your child is having trouble keeping control of his condition, then perhaps it is time that you seek other avenues of help, such as healthcare professionals and diabetes groups.