Diabetes Basics

What You Don't Know About Diabeties?

Diabeties may be a term well known to majority of us but there are still a few things that you might not be knowing. Type I diabeties is also called Juvenile diabeties and it occurs because the human body's autoimmune system does not produce enough insulin to combat the foreign bodies entering the bloodstream. It is caused by genetic and environmental factors.

Type II diabeties is also called adult onset or non-insulin dependent diabeties and it starts occurring when most of the muscles and other organs of the body stop utilizing Insulin to breakdown sugar. It's caused by obesity and environmental factors.

Gestational diabeties only occurs in a small number of females during gestation (the period of giving birth). Its mostly a temporary condition which disappears after the child birth, but the fetus has a high chance of having Type I diabeties later on.

For living with a chronic disease that has no cure, one has to find ways to combat the disease while retaining a positive physical and mental attitude. It's a very tough process and can only be brought about by modifying the lifestyle of the individual.