Diabetes Basics

With Diabetic Education, You Can Allay Your Fears!

Diabetic awareness is necessary considering the fact that diabetes is one of the most common and fastest spreading diseases around the world. There are a number of institutions and organizations which offer diabetic education in US. Some of the prominent ones are National Diabetes Education Initiative which is located in New Jersey, BD Diabetes’ operations are spread all over the world, Diabetes Education and Research Center is operating from Philadelphia.

The National Diabetes Education Initiative (NDEI) imparts education related to type 2 diabetes. This diabetic education program is meant for medical fraternity dealing with patients with type 2 diabetes.  The endocrinologists, cardiologists, diabetologists, primary care physicians who are involved in work related to type 2 diabetes can undertake this diabetic education. The NDEI also offers on demand diabetic education. Some programs include Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and CVD: Clinical Implications of Recent Pivotal Trials, Incretins and Glycemic Control: Understanding the Science for Better Diabetes Management, Implications of Recent Clinical Trials: A New Perspective on Insulin Sensitizers and Targeting Beta-Cell Dysfunction: Emerging Science and Therapies. These courses are free and even earn you AMA PRA credits.

BD Worldwide operates in almost all major countries around the world. Its diabetic education programs are available in USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and The Netherlands. Interestingly, BD was the first to introduce the syringe specifically for insulin injection. BD Worldwide provides diabetic education for everyday use including demonstrations of how to inject insulin, healthy eating guidelines, caring for child or an adult with diabetes and even your pet who has diabetes. BD Worldwide provides diabetic education for everyone.

The Diabetes Education and Research Center has been providing 39 years of non profit service through diabetic education to people. Diabetes Education and Research Center provides diabetic education classes in collaboration with The Penn Health System's Diabetes Education Program. The diabetic education classes are held at the Diabetes Education Center of Pennsylvania Hospital. The diabetic education classes include information related to nutrition, exercise and use of medication.  Skill training in blood sugar monitoring, insulin injections etc are also provided. This diabetic education program is conducted in four sessions and can be attended by taking a physician referral.

The Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education is another major contributor in the area of diabetic education. The Initiative provides case studies, a world map for diabetic education initiatives and a  detailed information of other academic and research material. Since there are a lot of myths and facts of diabetes are attached with the disease, the diabetic education is provided to allay all these doubts in the form of a booklet. Patient communication tools are provided in order to allow patients to understand their condition in an intuitive manner.