Diabetes Care

Taking Care of Your Cat If It Has Feline Diabetes

Cats are one of the most beautiful and lovable of animals that we keep as pets. Even though cats are much more independent than dogs, they have their way of showing their warmth and affection, which can be rewarding in a number of ways.

Being mammals, cats can suffer from diseases that are similar in nature to humans. Unfortunately, diabetes is one such disease. Diabetes in cats is known as feline diabetes and needs to be treated and monitored. As a cat lover, you will definitely realize the pain and suffering that a cat may have to go through in case it suffers from diabetes.

In case of feline diabetes, the pancreas of the cat does not secrete sufficient insulin. This condition leads to high levels of blood sugar that can have a very debilitating effect on the cat’s health. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels may result in diseases such as stroke, kidney problems or injuries not healing in a timely manner. This may be evident if you cat has hurt its paw and limps uncomfortable for quite a long time.

If you feel that your cat may be suffering from diabetes, you should take it to your vet to have it examined. In case, it is suffering from diabetes, then it s very important that you take care of your pet properly.

Monitoring the doses of insulin that you give to your pet is very important, as you do not want the cat to suffer from either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Having to take insulin injections on a daily basis can be very traumatizing for a cat.

Cats with feline diabetes should be treated with care, love and affection. There is nothing like the feeling you get when your pet cat twirls up against our legs and gives you that feeling of warmth and affection.