Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Symptom

Type 1 diabetes is considered to be one of the most serious diabetes types. It generally affects children and young adults. The most common cause of mellitus diabetes or type 1 diabetes is the destruction of auto immune system because of beta cell loss. Usually, the genetic and environmental factors are behind the development of diabetes mellitus. Now the question is, what are the common type 1 diabetes symptoms? To know more about diabetes and diabetes test, which may help you diagnose diabetes, read.

Type 1 diabetes takes very less time (a week) to develop. Some of the initial type 1 diabetes symptoms are:

1) Frequent urination, mostly at the night time
2) Feeling excessive thirst
3) Excessive fatigueness
4) Sudden weight loss
5) Blurred vision

Often people neglect such type 1 diabetes symptoms but one should take extra precautions and consult a doctor immediately, to have proper diabetes treatment. As type I diabetes is a chronic condition, treatment must continue indefinitely with lots of care and discipline. The blood sugar level should be between 80-120 mg per deci litre and if it falls below 80mg, hypoglycemia occurs, needing immediate sugar to be taken and if it rises above 120 mg, hyperglycemia occurs, which should be immediately countered by an injection of insulin.