Type 1 Diabetes

Women With Type 1 Diabetes Organizations

First understand what is diabetes? When the sugar level in your body gets too high, you suffer from diabetes. Diabetes can attack anyone irrespective of age, gender and sex. And it is more common in women. Many women show the common signs of diabetes type 1.

Some of the common type 1 diabetes symptoms are
- Frequent urination mostly at the night time.
- Sudden weight loss.
- Wounds healing slowly.
- Blurred vision, lack of sensation on the skin and itching of the hands and feet. 

These were general symptoms of diabetes also women with type 1 diabetes organizations have less bone density as compared to women without type 1 diabetes. They should get it checked before menopause. The report says that women with type 1 diabetes organizations tended to have thinner bone and more bone fractures than ordinary women.

Thus, women with type 1 diabetes symptoms keep in touch with their doctors for proper diabetes treatment and diabetes medicine. As on ignorance these symptoms get worsen in a matter of weeks and by the time the blood tests are done almost 20 to 25% of the patients start experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).