Diabetes Care

A Brief Overview On Type I diabetes

When the sugar level in your blood is too high, you have diabetes. In Type I diabetes, the level of sugar is not only high, it is out of control. The reason being the body has stopped production of the required quantity of insulin. As a result, type I diabetes patient needs two to five insulin shots per day, to keep the blood sugar levels under control.

Insulin is a chemical substance in the body that is essential to keep blood sugar levels normal. Its second function is- it assists the body to use fat and protein. An organ near the stomach, pancreas, is the production headquarters of insulin.

The causes of Type I Diabetes can be listed as:
1) Your body just stops making insulin.
2) The pancreas gets damaged.
3) The cells that make insulin are destroyed.

Initially, when a part of the cells in the body are destroyed, you may not know that you have diabetes. When the destruction of the cells is complete, disaster awaits you. Now you suddenly realize what all problems you had were due to some vague reasons. You neglected the early warnings.

But, what were those warnings? You suddenly lost weight and then you thought that you were evolving into a fit personality. You used bathroom a lot, your hunger almost seized you and you were happy about it. When you became very thirsty, you thought that drinking lots of water is good for health. A nature cure fad had advised you about it. You had blurred vision, you got your eyes tested and you bought a glass and sunglass too. You felt tired but you thought that all hard and sincere workers get tired-not once a thought streaked into your mind, that you must have a check up! And you now have a life-long companion, Diabetes Type I.

Is there a cure for Diabetes Type I? NO, there is not!

So, what is to be done? Nothing precisely can cure this problem. But something that can not be cured must be endured. If you take proper diet, and exercise regularly, you can still live happily, even in the company of diabetes.

There is no cure for diabetes. But if you work with your health care team, eat right and exercise, you can live a great life and stay healthy.