Diabetes Care

Are You Diabetic Or Unaware Of It?

I was not aware that I have been suffering from diabetes. I didn't feel any emergency of getting my blood sugar tested. Neither any one in our family has diabetes. Just from past few days, I have noticed that I am losing my interest in works. Despite of knowing that I am doing wrong, my physical condition is not allowing me. I became short tempered and irritated most of the time. Even at very small issues I blasts, although this was not my original nature. I thought it is a case of depression and consulted my family doctor.

When the doctor heard the symptoms, he smiled and said it is a symptom of diabetes. It is a case of diabetes and not depression. This is a typical case of diabetes. When doctor checked my blood sugar and to my surprise it was 400. If I haven't consulted the doctor, I may have fainted any time. My doctor said that I am having sugar for almost a year but I was unaware of it.

So, I advice you to get your blood sugar tested so that it can be under control from the beginning. My case was worsened due to my negligence. You you are also feeling these types of symptoms, immediately get your blood sugar tested.