Diabetes Care

Diabetics Can Find Help In Exercises

Exercise is of importance for almost all kind of diabetics. But, for diabetics of Type 2, exercise is an essential aspect of remedial measures. The more you exercise, the more you are likely to reduce your blood glucose level.

If you work out for a longer period, it intensifies consumption of glucose hence reducing blood sugar level. Thus, in case of an alarming blood glucose level, rigorous exercise is suggested by doctors that greatly lowers down the level.

Nature of exercises also differs in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. Very mild exercises are suggested for type 1 diabetes. While doing exercises the patient is suggested to take rest in between. Carbohydrate intake is also suggested during exercise period.

Contrarily, type 2 diabetics are expected to do more work out. It helps greatly in insulin regulation. In fact, regular exercise is the best preventive measure for Type 2 diabetics. In a way, doing exercise is like taking a diabetic pill.

Exercise also helps cells gain their sensitivity towards insulin. With the help of exercise you may increase your liver and fat cell's acceptance of glucose, which is to be converted into energy. Once sufficient glucose is taken by these cells, blood glucose level automatically goes down.

You can effectively control your weight with regular exercise that helps you reduce your cholesterol level too. Another good thing associated with exercise is that it lowers down bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Moreover, exercise also helps reduce post disease complications. If you are a diabetic? Trigger off an exercise mission to do away with your disease.