Diabetes Care

Diabetes Treatment Begins At Your Home...

What is the cause of diabetes? Body cells use glucose, which keep circulating in the blood. The pancreas makes available the required amount insulin to allow glucose to enter the body cells. For the diabetes patients, there is shortage of insulin. An acute shortage of insulin causes breakdown of stored fats and proteins.

There are two types of diabetes: Type I and Type II

Diabetes I: This is a totally insulin-dependent diabetes. A patient of type I disease, is a patient for ever. S/he watches the insulin doses helplessly.

Diabetes II: The is a non-insulin dependent diabetes. Young children and young adults suffer from this disease. Beta cells inside the pancreas help in creating insulin by the pancreas. Once they stop the production of insulin, they will never start producing insulin again. This is Diabetes II, for which treatment is available.

The natural medicine used to treat diabetes II is known as Yacon. This medicine helps Type II diabetics to make optimum use of their own insulin by revitalizing the body tissues to the impact of insulin.

Controlling Type II diabetes is neither easy nor difficult. This statement may seem paradoxical, but that is how the attitude of the Diabetes II patients to their state of health can be described. For, they think, there are superiors among the diabetic community, and do not observe the rules on diet and exercise. They need to know that diet and exercise are the two regulatory valves to effectively check this type of diabetes. Regularity on both these counts will immensely help to control the disease totally. But once you allow the latitude of neglecting your own self, on these issues the hold of the disease may prove to be too strong. You may fall into the category of chronic case-the incurable diabetes. The need to depend upon the insulin, may be sooner than expected.

So, the best diabetes treatment includes taking excellent care about yourself with regard to exercise and diet. It is well known that taking a morning walk, in the garden or lawns, on the green grass is a good natural tool to control diabetes. As for the food you take, nutrition information is mostly provided on every food item you purchase from the grocery stores. Health food choices, are relatively easy. So, you have to decide for yourself, depending upon your personal state of health, the amount of saturated fat,  cholesterol, fiber that you need to go into your system.

In diabetes, you are your own doctor first. Your physician is your guide and philosopher at the best.