Diabetes Care

Get My Diabetes Under Control Now!

When I went to the doctor for check up my diabetes, I got a blood sugar mark of 325, the reason was that I became a little bit careless about myself. When my blood sugar rose, I thought that this pain will heal in a natural manner. I followed the doctor’s instructions and ate as per prescribed diet, did proper exercise as I was determined to control diabetes by beating the blood sugar count.

In the beginning, I took some vitamins and minerals as they were important for the treatment of blood sugar. I achieved some degree of success and consequently the sugar level in my body decreased from 325 to 306, though I was not satisfied and felt that I was still away from my goal. I wanted to move to an acceptable zone of blood sugar level having it in the range of 100 to 130. I was hell-bent on taking some hard measures to take complete control of myself.

After wandering on various treatments, I decide to go for herbal medication. I surfed the internet vigorously. I spoke to the people who had the knowledge in this field and finally went for Chinese herbal cure. This herbal medicine contained about 250 herbs in liquid form. I started with some normal dose in the beginning. This process started for 4 days and I had one quarter of 16 oz bottle 4 times a day.

In the next step, I turned to the physician and was amazed to see the results. My sugar count had gone down to 201. I was flabbergasted to see the results as it was a great achievement. I wanted to experiment further checking its effects and decided to stop this herbal medicine and see the results. I waited for some time and wanted to see how my body will respond in case I just stop the medicines. I tested the blood sugar level again and to my great surprise, I found that the blood sugar level had not changed. I was convinced that the product was quite a success.

Now I am living without fear and have developed a new level of confidence and finally I was able to control my diabetes.