Diabetes Care

When Do You Need Diabetes Pills And Why?

Type 1 almost always requires insulin while diabetes medications are generally discouraged in Type 3 patients, who are usually women during pregnancy.

The pills are often prescribed by doctors along with a healthy eating plan and a physical activity program. There is no single “best” treatment for Type 2 diabetes but a recent study by the American Diabetes Association shows that diabetes medications combined with diet and exercise can increase your chances of battling the pre-diabetes, a precursor of the full-fledged Type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, a combination of more than one pill might prove to be an effective treatment as some of the drugs are specifically formulated to target one aspect of the disease while neglecting the rest.

However, it is best if you consult your doctor about treatment combinations rather than take your own initiative. Some drugs may react with the other pills or some other medication you are taking.