Juvenile Diabetes

Diabetes and Bad Breath

Diabetes and bad breath are related closely. When a person is suffering from diabetes, there is a different type of breath odor from him. It is something different odor from halitosis. The odor in case of diabetes is somewhat unusual which smells like a fruity or sweet odor. The odor resembles the odor in case of ketoacidosis which is rather serious condition and immediate medical attention.

In case of a child who is not diagnosed with diabetes, ketoacidosis is the first symptom of a serious disease. This type of disease is generally seen in the type 1 diabetes. In this condition, the pancreas of the person or patient does not produce enough of insulin which does not allow the cells to take the glucose inside for metabolic activity. This is one of the most common forms of childhood diabetes.

When the cells do not get proper insulin, they lack the energy. To make up for it, fat cells are broken down. This leads to the production of acidic ketones which accumulates in the blood stream. This makes the blood more acidic in nature. The body keeps trying to rid of these Ketones through breath or urine and this leads to bad breath. Thus, you can understand how diabetes and bad breath are related with each other.

As for bad breath, the Ketoacidosis can lead to the bad breath in children as well as adults. The breath odor can be tolerated but the rise in the quantity of acidic content in the blood can be a serious problem. The other consequences of this illness are thirst and excess and frequent urination. The other complications which can occur because of this illness are fatigue, nausea, aching muscles, rapid breath intake, sleepiness and coma. In case these symptoms prevail, you need an urgent consultation with the physician. 

However, it is not a rule that bad breath can always be because of Ketoacidosis. In case it is not because of this illness, it can be taken in a very light manner. You can also relate it to an acute or chronic infection. The other causes of bad breath, apart from diabetic bad breath, are sinusitis, gum disease, throat infection and some complicated malignancies.