Juvenile Diabetes

Diabetes Care Among Kids

Children usually suffer from type 2 diabetes. This wide spread form of type 2 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. Kids having mothers with a history of type 1, type 2 or

gestational diabetes are more prone to develop diabetes. Children must not be obese as obesity increases the chances of developing the disease. So, mothers must not let their children become 'couch potatoes'. Consumption of junk food should also be bare minimum.

Eating habits should be changed to diabetes prevention planning. For example, fat-free food should be given to kids, excess salt must not be used, more fiber food should be taken, it should be made sure that enough iron content is being used. Exercise should also be followed regularly.

In spite of preventive measures if your child falls prey to the disease, he/she should undergo an intensive examination by a medical team having dexterity in diabetes treatment. A dietitian should work on nutritional requirements and basic disease education should be given to child. This basic information dissemination must be in consonance with the child's age sensitivity and stage of growth.

Blood glucose normalcy requirement in children varies with age. So, in consultation with doctor, blood glucose targets should be fixed. Child's weight, age and level of puberty determines insulin needs. Constant nutrition therapy is of extreme significance in order to meet calorie requirement of growth as well as check required for maintaining blood glucose level. Periodic BMI measurement is also a must.

Kids suffering from Type 1 diabetes must go for moderate level of exercise for at least thirty to sixty minutes. It's better to check glucose level before physical activity and it's also preferred to feed oneself with fifteen grams of carbohydrates before going for it.

Diabetes immunization is the best solution to do away with this disease among kids.