Juvenile Diabetes

Double Diabetes: Placing Your Kids At Even More Risk

Diabetes is a medical condition that results in blood glucose level rising above normal. Now, diabetes can be due to either of two reasons. One of them is a lack of insulin. Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the pancreas and is necessary for the body to metabolize blood glucose. The lack of insulin results in the inability of the body to metabolize blood glucose. The other condition is that the body becomes resistant or intolerant of the insulin that is produced by the pancreas.

Quite simply, Type 1 Diabetes is based on a lack of insulin.  Type 2 Diabetes on the other hand is because of the body’s intolerance to insulin.

Diabetes is a disease that requires careful management. The type 1 form of the disease can be managed by taking regular injections of insulin and monitoring blood glucose levels religiously.  The type 2 form is primarily on account of being overweight and eating too many foods based on sugar and simple carbohydrates.

A trend that is a cause for extreme concern is the emergence of a third form of diabetes. The third form is when a person who has type 1 diabetes also develops the type 2 form.  Before we go on, let us recap.  Both forms of diabetes by themselves are manageable. If the causes of the two forms of the disease overlap, management of the disease becomes extremely difficult.

This form of diabetes, which we can call as type 3, is when a person who has a lack of insulin, also develops resistance to the insulin that is being externally administered. This is one of the worst fears of a diabetic and the diabetic’s family.

This form of diabetes is bound to be on the rise and it is much more difficult to cure than the two forms of diabetes previously discussed. The main reason for this form of diabetes is excess weight. The only solution is prevention. A diabetic patient that has symptoms of both forms of the disease must go in for a workout program and loose excess weight.