Juvenile Diabetes

Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile diabetes is the second name of type 1 diabetes and it may be called type 1 juvenile diabetes. It is so called as this diabetes type generally begins at adolescent stage. Children suffering from this diabetes type need insulin injection everyday. To know more about type 1 juvenile diabetes or about diabetes, read.

In type 1 juvenile diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin. Therefore, insulin is injected into the body of a patient. The injected Insulin works exactly in the same manner as the natural insulin secreted by the pancreas, bringing glucose from the blood into the body's cells. Some effective type 1 juvenile diabetes treatments for successful diabetes cure are:

1) The diabetic patient should take healthy diabetes diet along with insulin injection or diabetes medicine.
2) The patient should not take too much sweet or sugar in his/her diet.
3) Diet for type 1 diabetes needs consistency that may allow food and insulin to work together, to regulate blood glucose levels. Balancing the right amount of insulin with food keeps blood sugar at a healthy level.
4) The patient should exercise regularly to control the amount of sugar in the blood.
5) Juvenile diabetes kids must take special precautions before, during and after participating in intense physical activity or exercise. In fact, exercise is good for everybody. It helps kids with juvenile diabetes, control their blood sugar and keeps them in good shape.