Type 2 Diabetes

Do Type 2 Diabetes Patients Need Insulin?

The lack of supply of insulin leads to diabetes. While people with type 1 diabetes are constantly using insulin, the need for insulin is much lesser in type 2 diabetes patients. Typically, insulin is not prescribed for type 2 diabetes patients. However, experts suggest that using insulin can help people with type 2 diabetes achieve their glycemic and lipid targets. So, should a type 2 diabetes patient take insulin or not? Let us find out.

Why do Type 2 diabetes patients need insulin?

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by body's inability to respond to the produced insulin. Also, the insulin producing beta cells are unable to produce sufficient amounts of it. These cells are constantly degenerating. So, eventually the need for using insulin becomes inevitable to manage blood sugar levels.

Using insulin
Once you have understood the need for using insulin, the next step is choosing an insulin type for yourself. There are more than 20 types of insulin available in the U.S. Each of these different insulin types vary from one another in terms of their composition as well as functioning.

When choosing any insulin, there are primarily three things that need to be considered:

* Onset- the time that insulin takes to act
* Peak- the time during which the insulin is most effective
* Duration- the time period for which the effect of the insulin lasts

A health care practitioner studies the treatment plan of a diabetic patient, depending on which an insulin type may be prescribed. Your doctor may prescribe you rapid, intermediate or long acting insulin. While rapid insulin starts working in as less as ten minutes, long acting insulin has an onset of six hours.

After an insulin type has been chosen, the mode of delivery needs to be decided upon. The conventional mode of insulin delivery encompasses use of injections. Either syringes or insulin pens may be used to inject insulin into the body.

Some people also use insulin pumps or inhaled insulin. The pump offers you continuous delivery of rapid acting insulin while the inhalers can be used to rectify sugar levels quickly after having a snack. These inhalers offer you short acting insulin in an easy way. The only downside of these inhalers is that they are not as precise as injections. Also, there could be some side effects of using these inhalers on a prolonged basis.

Choosing the right insulin type and mode of delivery can go at length in managing the overall condition of a diabetic. The frequency and dosage of insulin varies from one patient to another depending upon their blood sugar levels and the overall health.