Type 2 Diabetes

Prescribed Diet For Type II Diabeties

Diabeties (or Diabeties mellitus, as doctors call it) is the name of a group of disorders of the human body where it is unable to produce enough Insulin to regulate the breakdown of the blood sugar in the human body and is normally categorized in two main and one subcategory– Type I, Type II diabeties and Gestational diabeties.

Living with diabeties is not easy, a change in lifestyle is a must starting with the prescribed diet. A prescribed diabetic meal plan takes into account all the carbs, fats and sugar intake of the body and matches it with the insulin production of the body. A prescribed diet consists of:

1) Variety of foods provide different nutrients to the body.
2) Always maintain a healthy weight (becoming overweight can cause complications)
3) Always eat food with less fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.
4) Always take fiber rich food like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
5) Don't take excessive sugar in the diet. Restrict yourself to artificial sweeteners.
6) Don't use excessive salt in the diet.
7) Do not drink alcohol. If you do, do it in moderation as it also has calories.

These are only guidelines. It's always best to consult a doctor or dietitian before starting the prescribed diet as everyone's body is different and it may affect everyone differently.