Type 2 Diabetes

Preventing Type II Diabetes

About 90 to 95 percent people with diabetes are suffering from diabetes type 2. This type of diabetes is related with old age, family history, obesity, physical inactivity, food habits and ethnicity. And nearly 80 percent of those with type 2 are overweight. For further information on "preventing type II diabetes", read Here Are Some Precautions For Diabetics.

In type II diabetes, the pancreas usually produce enough insulin, but the body cannot use the insulin effectively. After some years, the insulin production comes down. Symptoms include frequent urination, fatigue or nausea, unusual thirst, blurred vision, weight loss, frequent infections, and slow healing of sores and wounds.

The number of patients suffering from diabetes symptoms is staggering. One needs to pay attention to diabetes diet and exercise, because exercise helps your body use insulin better to convert glucose into energy for cells. For diabetes cure, patient should keep a check on the symptoms of diabetes and should be aware of related information about diabetes and take diabetes medication accordingly for diabetes management.

Some steps can be taken to prevent type II diabetes aggravation:

1) You should detect and treat skin ailments quickly.
2) It is always better to maintain oral hygiene.
3) Make it a habit to have monthly weight check-up.
4) You should have periodic check up of blood and urine.
5) You should never stop medication.
6) One diabetic should not marry another diabetic.
7) Herbal medicine can help in the prevention without any side effects.
8) You should carry your diabetic identity with you to enable immediate relief.
9) Blood relatives of a diabetic patient must get their own check-up done regularly.