Type 2 Diabetes

Tea Can Help A Lot In Your Diabetes?

Diabetes is itself a cause of many problems and when it is Type 2 diabetes, it becomes all the more problematic. It has affected the health of millions across the world. The rise of obesity has led to this form of disease. There are several ways to prevent the diabetes. As per several researches in diabetes, tea can restore the levels of diabetes to a much greater extent.

The biggest problem about the diabetes is that doctors are not completely sure about the causes. Family history is also a key factor in diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is more common to the people that do not exercise. As per the statistics, 20.8 million people in the US alone have type 2 diabetes and as many as 54 million people in the US are pre diabetic. The prime complications like blindness and heart stroke can be reduced to a greater extent by the intake pf green tea.

It becomes very important to drink tea in case the person has diabetes. Green and black tea helps to keep the levels of blood sugar in the normal state. As per the study in Indian institute of chemical biology of Calcutta, India, the tea has a positive effect on the levels of blood sugar. This experimentation was first done on diabetic mice. They showed positive results in the blood sugar levels because of tea intake and the blood sugar levels remained constant.

Green tea is very effective in the treatment of diabetes which decreases the risk of stroke or heart disease. It is also good for Alzheimer disease or even cancer. Due to its tendency to heal the disease, it can act as supplement to many cancer related therapies. Green tea maintains constant insulin levels in a diabetic. Some health experts have recommended green tea over black tea in case of diabetes.
In fact, both green and black tea is good for a person who has diabetes. Scientific studies reveal that both types of tea whether green or black, can fight diabetes in an effective manner. However, taking in large quantity for drinking is not recommended.