Type 2 Diabetes

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Pregnant Women

Not all pregnant women are fully aware that they face an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (a more complicated form of diabetes in which the body develops resistance to insulin). The complication poses a serious risk to health to both the mother as well as her unborn child. However, the risk posed can be minimized through some ways.

How Does It Develop?
Type 2 diabetes is the next phase of diabetes. It usually is a result of factors such as being over-weight, unawareness about the amount of sugar being consumed, absolutely no physical exercise and most importantly, metabolic disorder.

How Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Prevented in Pregnant Women?

Proper Nutrition: Our hectic work schedules take a huge toll upon the type of food that we eat. When under stress we tend to eat a lot of sugary and/or deep fried things, which then slowly affects our health. This needs to be replaced with healthy and balanced meals. The meal that you eat should be a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. And do not forget to include green leafy vegetables.

This healthy mix of dietary ingredients would ensure that you have sufficient amount of free energy and that there is less fat in the body. Another major benefit that you would obtain is that insulin levels in your blood would be regulated.

Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels: Blood glucose levels indicate if you are facing increasing chances of developing diabetes. Hence, it is essential to monitor blood glucose levels. While those who are already suffering from diabetes need to get fasting blood glucose levels tested according to their doctor's recommendation, others can get it done a couple of times in the year. The ideal figure should be under 100 mg/dl.

Do some Physical Exercise: Physical exercises help you burn the extra energy stored inside your body as well as keeps you fit. For those suffering from diabetes exercising becomes all the more important as there is a pressing need to burn all the extra glucose which the body is not able to process and is ready to convert it into body fat. Pregnant women can resort to exercising to lower their blood glucose levels.

Lead a Peaceful Existence: It is highly important to lead a peaceful and contented existence as emotion fluctuations can wreak havoc with your diet. When under emotional stress we often tend to gorge on starchy and sugary things which phenomenally increase our blood sugar levels. This surge, though brief, is dangerous. To avoid such surges, it is recommended that always be in a cheerful and contented mood. If there are things which are bothering you then talk to your partner about them instead of keeping them within yourself.