Diabetes Basics

Cinnamon for diabetes can reduce your blood sugar level considerably!

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices and is especially beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Its effectiveness for the cure of diabetes has been proven in several studies. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has been working on cinnamon for a while now and apart from that a renowned doctor called Dr. Richard A Anderson has also confirmed about the use of cinnamon for diabetes.

Let’s see how the cinnamon is effective for diabetes patients. We know that once we eat the food, its starch and sugar is broken into blood glucose and this glucose is absorbed by the body with the help of insulin and once absorbed, this glucose is either used as energy or stored as fat in our body. Diabetes is caused if the body stops the production of insulin or responding to insulin. In both cases the blood glucose cannot be absorbed and creates health problems.

According to Dr. Anderson, cinnamon can reduce the blood sugar levels in those people whose bodies do not respond adequately to the insulin. Thus, if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes and someone recommends you cinnamon for diabetes, you better take his words for granted.

According to a study published in 2003 in the Diabetes Care, the journal of American Diabetes Association, Chinese cinnamon for diabetes is an effective as well as tasty option. In a controlled trial, 1-6 gram doses of cinnamon were given per day and the patients reported the decline in blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels.

According to Laura Shane-McWhorter, cinnamon contains hydroxychalcone which affects insulin. Hydroxychalcone may boost insulin levels by working on the insulin receptors, thus proving the advantages of cinnamon for diabetes.

However, it must be taken into consideration that cinnamon for diabetes may have some negative effects in rare cases. Cinnamon may bring down the overall levels of blood sugar to unacceptable degrees if taken with certain medications like sulfonylureas which are another type of an anti-diabetic drug.

Cinnamon for diabetes may not be effective in every case either. In a study carried out in The Netherlands in 2006, it was found that no changes were found among 25 people who were post menopausal patients of type-2 diabetes. They were given cinnamon supplement of 1.5 grams daily for 6 weeks.  Thus, while cinnamon for diabetes may not have been completely proven as a cure, it still has the ability to benefit a lot of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

So, if you are planning to introduce cinnamon for diabetes control, do consider some factors. Consult your physician in order to ensure that cinnamon can adjust with other anti diabetes drugs too. Using half or quarter teaspoon with coffee or oatmeal may be beneficial and it would be advisable to avoid taking cinnamon for diabetes directly.