Diabetes Basics

Diabetes Testing Is As Important As Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes testing is as important as diabetes treatment. Certain precautions need to be taken while testing diabetes, as otherwise the very purpose of testing is defeated! It is just like taking the temperature, with a defective thermometer! Every care should be taken regarding needle disposal and take this as a very important aspect of your diabetes treatment.

There are many diabetes test accessories. Home test monitor is one of them. It is an easy test, requiring one drop of blood and you have the result within 8 to 10 minutes. It gives you correct results.

Another test is glycohemoglobin testing. Day-to-day diabetes management is glucose monitoring but long-term blood glucose control requires one more measurement- the average level of the blood glucose.

In good number of cases, diabetes is the stepping stone for serious kidney diseases. Kidney screen test and kidney dysfunction are closely interlinked. Measuring microalbumin levels in the urine tell you how strong your kidney is. Early notice on this point will enable you take proper remedial measures.

Whether it is doctor or you-the needle used is the same. Think of total safety in your needle handling. Needle handling and disposal, is a very important factor, as far as treating diabetes Type I is concerned. Insulin bottle caps allow loading of syringes with one hand. You need to take extra care about this operation, so that the expensive insulin should not be unnecessarily wasted.

Next is cardiac check diagnostic system. It is a hand-held medical diagnostics system to monitor important health indicators like cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and others.

Further specialized checks would be necessary, depending upon the condition of your diabetes and as per the findings of your family doctor.