Diabetes Basics

Follow An Active Lifestyle And Monitor Your Blood Sugar

One of the first realizations that confront a person diagnosed with diabetes is the depressive idea that diabetes is a lifelong disease. Other diseases are tackled as and when they occur and after a course of treatment the disease is cured. While, in the case of diabetes, the patient is hard hit by its lifelong burden. But it is not as bad as its sounds and one should have a heart.

Though a lifelong affliction, diabetics can live a perfectly normal life by following a lifestyle that keeps the blood sugar levels under control. Above all, the best management for keeping diabetes under control is to follow an active lifestyle and maintain an ideal body weight, without indulging oneself in the wrong foods.

Often it has been found that people with Type II diabetes do not even know that they have the disease. This is because the symptoms of the disease are ever so subtle and one tends to neglect these tell-tale signs. Diabetic patients feel undue thirst and may visit the bathroom too often as a frequent urge to urinate is one of the symptoms of the disease.

There is also an increase of appetite and a feeling of tiredness. Some patients even complain of blurred vision. Also, sores, wounds and cuts take a long while to heal. Infection from cuts, wounds or other causes also takes a longer while to get cured, sometimes leading to complications. In men there is even a chance of impotency.

In case you detect any of these symptoms, go a check up at a hospital. The doctor can be consulted about these symptoms and he is most likely to order a blood test to check the blood sugar levels in the body and then establish with certainty whether a person actually has diabetes. Even when such symptoms have not come to the fore, doctors advise that people who are obese and who have a very sedentary lifestyle should undergo the blood test to check the blood sugar levels at least once in three years.

In this way, the disease can be effectively monitored and one can live a healthy lifestyle even with diabetes.