Diabetes Basics

H-Tron Insulin Pump

The H-tron insulin pump comes as two pumps for the price of one. It is a way to assure that if anything goes wrong, no interruption of insulin delivery will occur. This pump is well built and has served users well over the years of use. This pump delivers insulin every three minutes or 20 times an hour to ensure blood sugars level remains normal. The DC motor presents a strong delivery and with three minute delivery occurs little chance of occlusion even at low infusion rates. For further details, read Risk Factors For Type 1 Diabetes

A major feature of this pump is the ease of bolusing. Buttons on one side of the pump can be accurately pressed to deliver boluses. The pump offers 24 basal rates with a few button pushes and provides the total basal delivery for the day. H-Tron insulin pump has certain defects as well. This can lead to water entering the pump which can result in the unintended delivery of a bolus, which can cause severe health complications including hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic effects. The other problem would occur if one of the pump buttons is accidentally pushed, such as might occur in a pocket filled with keys, comb, pen, meter, and test strip can. Even the good design of the buttons may not prevent an accidental bolus. This pump has no block feature and is not a good choice for small children.

The major function of insulin is to reverse the exploit of a number of hyperglycemia-generating hormones and to sustain low blood glucose levels. Disturbance in the blood glucose level can lead to diabetes. Diabetes symptoms are varied. It is wise to go for diabetes testing. Information about diabetes can be collected from diabetes association. Diabetes treatment requires that you go for diabetes diets permanently. There is no diabetes cure, it can only be controlled through diabetes care.