Diabetes Basics

Insulin Diaes And Dieting

Insulin diaes and dieting (read diabetes) are closely related to each other. 90 % of diabetes is diabetes type 2. Type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes) is also popularly known as sugar diabetes. Diabetes is a nasty disease, you can control it, even prevent it. But, complete diabetes cure is non-existent. For further details, read A Look At The Food For Diabetes.

The keys to control diabetes type 2 are:

1) To manage your insulin i.e. controlling sugar sources.
2) To eat small meals instead of one or two whole meals.
3) And to keep your body fat percentage down i.e. obese person is at higher risk.

There is no one magic type 2 diabetes diet that works for everyone. All diets must adhere to the same few macronutrient rules. For example:

a) Eliminate as many processed carbohydrates as possible. Do not eat white flour, bleached flour, or any other kind of wheat flour that is not whole wheat. Eat oat groats instead of oatmeal.

b) Do not eat carbohydrates two hours before bedtime.

c) Balance your fat/carbos/protein in a roughly 30/40/30 ratio.

d) Always eat a high-protein breakfast.

Did you know that the peanuts offered on airlines are less fattening than the fat-free pretzels? It's true. Stay away from fat-free food. They make your insulin levels do a yo-yo, and that makes you put on fat. Yuck. Worse, it sets the stage for adult-onset diabetes. Whether it is Type I, Type II diabetes or Gestational diabetes, the goals of achieving control of blood glucose levels are similar; to keep blood glucose as near as possible to that of a person without diabetes. The American diabetes association assures that if you follow the above guidelines, you can remain free from diabetes mellitus.